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About Najia



Najia (pronunced NajEEyah) is a Philadelphia, PA based performer, teacher, and choreographer of the ancient art of Middle Eastern dance. Her passion for dancing has led her to study with international dance stars throughout America and the Middle East, as well as performing throughout the country and abroad. Her success and passion for this dance has brought her the attention and respect of the bellydance community. Although Najia got a taste of belllydance also known as Raks Sharki at an early age, it wasn't until 1992 that she was able to pursue and work at this dance on a daily basis. She has had training in classical western dance since the age of four. Her fine eye for detail and career in the visual arts prior to her dance career lend a special element of bringing form to life in her own dancing as well as her students. Najia has made regular trips to the Middle East for over a decade, typically spending two to three months a year researching dance and bringing this wealth of knowledge home to her students.

Her company, Philadelphia Bellydance is the industry leader in producing shows, events and workshops for dancers since 1998. This was inspired by Najia's desire to share her most influential teachers, Sahra Saeeda, Aszmara, Jehan, Elena Lentini, Delilah and Nagwa Said with the Tri-State area's belly dance community.

"Najia is the most qualified bellydance teacher in the Philadelphia area. She has trained numerous professional dancers who now work here and her authentic style is reflected in her students. We are happy to have her represent our Arabic culture and show people the true dance and correct way.",
-Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant in Philadelphia

PT-OT Speech Cover Story

Interview with Gia Lombardo

TV Shows

When this public television station launched their new programming,they approached Najia because of her expertise in the field of Middle Eastern dance to educate their viewing aydience.You can still watch these episodes which feature Najia and her students, and dance troupe members Ewelina, Scheherezade (Vasha Hatal), Jenaya, Danielle Flowers, Tatiana (Kahina Asurah) and Bill Koutsouros of Animus Music. Her eight episodes include:
 • The History of Bellydance
 • Bellydancing & Pregnancy
 • Basic Bellydance Lesson
 • Belly with Finger Cymbals
 • Bellydancing Drum Solo
 • Bellydancing for Back Health
 • Performance by Najia Balancing Tray of Candles
 • Belly Dance Hafla Performance by Najia & Student Troupe

Najia performs at St.Maron's Lebanese festival with noteworthy musicians Joseph Tayoun,, Bill K.,and Hafez ELaLiKotain.(photo at left)

ABC News Health Report with Anita Brickman
Najia demonstrates the health benefits of Bellydance to the live music of Animus.

ABC Action News
Najia was chosen to dance for the intro to Action News theme song for 3 years running.

CNN Headline News
Najia did 2 shows bellydance shows for CNN, one which featured all ages including children.

CN8 show "Seeking Solutions with Suzanne"
Najia and senior citizen students demonstrate to viewers about bellydancing's positive effects on the health of spine, and the heart Also interesting is a student featured a "Green"bellydance costume made from all recycled materials.

CN8 Morning Show
Najia, students and a talented drummer from Morrocco spend the morning showing viewers how to bellydance.

HGTV & Fine Living Network "Reality Shows"
These networks feature Najia on a reality show teaching private lessons and her student. "Well Worth It" & "Splurge"

Delaware Tonight
Najia was selected as a featured performer with male Bellydancer Omar at Delaware's Casablanca restaurant.

Delaware Today
Schehrezade asked Najia to join her on the show as an expert in the field of Egyptian dance.

69 Leigh Valley News
Most unusual show is Ch.69 Allentown News teaching St. Joes University Students, 200 students at orientation

Restaurants, Nightclubs & Public Venues

Restaurants & Nightclubs where Najia was regularly employed or was hired as a soloist:
  • Bryn Mawr Culture, Costuming & Choreography
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • World Peace Conference in Ambassador City Thailand
  • Mena House Hotel in Cairo Egypt
  • Queen Nebila Nile Cruise Ship in Luxor Egypt
  • E Center in Camden NJ - preshow for the Pearl Jam concert
  • Sheraton Hotel in Amaan Jordan, hired for 2 month contract
  • The Electric Factory in Philadelphia - preshow entertainment
  • The Middle East Restaurant legendary restaurant owned by the Tayoun family formerly on Chestnut St, in Philadelphia
  • Nile Egyptian Restaurant and Nightclub, Philadelphia
  • Sahara Lebanese Restaurant Reading, PA
  • Sahara Turkish Restaurant and Nightclub, North East Philadelphia
  • Fez Moroccan Restaurant, South Philadelphia
  • Aldana, Chestnut Hill, PA
  • La Pergola, Jenkintown, PA
  • Shiraz Persian Restaurant, Wayne PA
  • Egypt Nightclub Old City, Philadelphia
  • Shampoo Nightclub, Philadelphia
  • Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant in New Castle Delaware
  • Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant in West Philadelphia
  • Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant in Warrington, PA
  • Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant in Alexandria, VA
  • Nile Club, Brooklyn NYC
  • Konak Turkish Restaurant in Old City, Philadelphia
  • Cous Cous Restaurant in Cherry Hil, NJ
  • Cedars Lebanese Cuisine in South Philadelphia
  • Alkimah Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Aldar Middle Eastern Restaurant, in Bala Cynwyd, PA
  • Moukas (formerly Buffalo Bills) famous Greek Restaurant & Nightclub in University City, Philadelphia
  • LitttlePete's Greek Nightclub in Center City Philadelphia
  • The Five Spot Night Club in Philadelphia
  • Lorenzo's Nightclub in South Philly
  • Transit Nightclub in Philadelphia
  • The Pearl Nightclub in Philadelphia
  • The Cyber Pass Nightclub in Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Electric Factory Nightclub
  • 32 Degrees Nightclub, Philadelphia
  • Triada Nightclub, Philadelphia
  • The Loew's Hotel Restaurant and Bar in Center City Philadelphia
  • Sheraton Hotel in South Philadelphia worked a full year entertaining tourists from King Tut Exhibit
  • WXPN's The World Cafe Nightclub in University, Philadelphia worked with a variety of bands including "Animus"
  • ............and countless others
Press & Newspapers

My Bellydance performances and classes have been featured in numerous local and national publications such as:
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • The Philadelphia Bulletin
  • News of Delaware County
  • Philadelphia Weekly (Full Page Spread)
  • City Line News
  • Philly Daily News
  • PTOT Speech Today


I have also taught Bellydance classes for:
  • Main Line School Night 1994 -present
  • Whitemarsh Township 2004 -present
  • First Position Movement Art Center 2004 - present
  • Mount Airy Learning Tree 1993-1999
  • Casablanca Restaurant in Delaware 1993 - 1994
  • Casablanca Restaurant in Philadelphia 2002 - 2004
  • Temple University, various events 2000 - present
  • Penn State University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Wharton Business School 2001 - 2004
  • St. Joes University
  • Haverford Township Night Schools 1993 - 1999 and 2006 - 2008
  • Philadelphia Department of Recreation 1998-2008
  • Bodine High School
  • Friend's Central Elementry
  • Allen's Lane Art Center for Children
  • World Affairs Council
  • Sands of Time Bellydance Studio in Winchester VA
  • Melina Bellydance Workshops in Lancaster PA
  • Sahra Bellydance Workshops in Reading PA sponsored by Shadia
  • Serena Bell Dance Studios in NYC - sponsored by Jehan

Variety of Venues

Najia has been hired for a variety of venues such as:
  • Weddings, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Educational performances and lectures for kindergarten, grade school, middle school, colleges and universities
  • Birthdays for spouses, parents, grandparents, children, friends, employers(employees)
  • special "Arabian Nights "entertainment for children
  • Graduation parties, Bar/Bat Mitsvah
  • Church Festivals
  • Fundraisers / Medical Institutions
  • Senior Center Theme parties
  • Cultural Awareness Week, Ethnic Dance Festivals
  • Last night of Ramadan celebration
  • Lodge events such as Free Masons and Shriners
  • Fashion Shows and Dance Showcases
  • Theatre productions such as plays and musicals
  • Television shows
  • Variety Shows
  • Rock concerts
  • Celebrity events
  • Art Galleries, Museums
  • Grand Openings
  • Nightclubs and Restaurants including Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Persian, Russian and American
  • World Dance/Music Nights events and concerts
  • Holiday parties such as Valentines, Halloween & New Years
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