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Explore your Inner Goddess ...Belly Dance
Bring your body and emotions back into balance with the joy, well being, grace and creativity through Najia’s transformational techniques and workouts.

Customized lessons for accelerated learning
Bellydance is much harder than it looks.Having the right teacher makes all the difference, one who knows how to tune into your needs and make you look good is worth it.

Transformational Retreats & Certifications
Devote your weekend to self growth at one of our lush settings at an historic 11 acre mansion on the Wissahickon River in Philadelphia or a cozy Bohemian Sanctuary. Study with Najia and world famous belly dance artist Sahra Saeeda, Aszmara and many more.


“Mysteries of the Red Tent” Special Goddess Night

Are you born to bellydance?



Najia (Na-jee-yah)


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