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Learn to Bellydance

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Welcome to Najia’s bellydance classes and the joy of discovering the treasure within yourself. The completeness and expertise of Najia's belldance training programs will give you an all the skills you need and more to become a professional bellydancer or look like one. The true aim of the courses is about discovering the depth of who you are as a woman, and finding true appreciation of the uniqueness of your body, a deeper connection to your soul, and a feeling a spiritual connection through dance. All are welcome to explore this mystical journey!

Register Early! Save $10 & guarantee your spot in class - each series has a specific start date.

The Goddess Workout & Technique
Mondays 7:30-8:30 @ Media Studio
* Beginner friendly - expect deep toning, through feminine movement. Feel sexy and beautiful.

The Goddess Workout & Choreography
Mondays 8:30-9:30 @ Media Studio
* for those who like a fast invigorating pace to lose weight relieve stress, and feel joy!

Special Workshop
4th Mondays 7:30-9:30 @ Media Studio
* If you are not able to join us every week you can sign up for a single evening on the last night of the series for a special workshop. Some nights we learn a full dance while other times we explore improvisation. Be sure to see the calendar for dates.

Trial includes 4 weeks class hour of your choice + 1 (2 hr) Goddess Night for 6 hours total series $110.

Take Both It is advisable that after the first or second month to take both class hours to receive the full training.

Supersaver includes 12 weeks + 3 (2 hr) Goddess Night for 18 hours total 3 consecutive series $300 - includes a free night of class for a friend on (Mondays only)..

Register Now - Try Bellydance !

A 4% processing charge paid to Paypal is added to the prices stated above so the prices on the drop down menu are slightly higher.

Registration Form must be hand-signed and brought to first night of class.
  • Make-up classes ONLY for studios members who paid the Membership Fee.
  • Trial Pricing - No frills, no make-ups and standard rates but allows you to try out class for a month before committing.
  • Refunds for cancelled classes only. A minimum number of students are necessary to hold class.

-Save up to $130 each month, Belly Boutique discounts, free class pass for friends, and never pay for a missed class night again.

All About Belly Dancing! by Shira.


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