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 Goddess Night


Goddess Nights with Najia
@ Sangha Space Ballroom in Media PA
2nd Fridays of the month
see Calendar

Upcoming Special Goddess Nights:
~ Oct 17th with Aszmara!

~ Goddess Nights Live 3 full hours
with members of the Tayoun Family and other great musicians playing for our workshop and show.
  • Show
  • Workshop
  • Veg Potluck
  • Presentations by guest artists
  • Costume bazaars 4 times a year
Doors open 7:25 p.m. Potluck & Show followed by Mystical Dance Workshop until -9:30 p.m.
Goddess Night Live events will continue until 10:30pm

Learn to dance from the core of your being by taking a journey inward as you explore mystical movements, mandalas, sacred geometry, Egyptian Zar ritual, the mysteries of Isis & Pharonic interpretive dance. Delve into the deeper meanings of the seven veils, illuminated candle dancing, the sounds of cymbals and drumming all to enhance your perception, creativity and well-being.

Working with ancient ritual dance concepts will allow you to experience the inner pure meaning behind the movements as well as the hidden transformational aspects of sacred dance. Most women are intuitively drawn to the healing feminine energy of bellydance and feel empowered, at peace, appreciative and respectful of the divine feminine within themselves.

By adorning your body, nurturing your dance and filling your belly with healthy and kind food you help to awaken the goddess within yourself. Sharing these experiences with other women helps to empower and bring inspiration. We see the beauty within ourselves by appreciating the beauty in others.

It is not necessary to take regular bellydance classes to enjoy Goddess Night. You may even bring a friend.

Goddess Night

Enjoy some of our video memories from Goddess Night shows & workshops with live music. Come join us next Goddess Night or sign-up for the newsletter.

Goddess Night Blog

Amarís took our breath away

Jayda's hot drum solo
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