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Najia's Dance Companies

Najia is known for her award winning "1001Dreams" classic Middle Eastern dance at it's best. The purpose of the dance company “1001 Dreams was to make the dreams come true for her students who have a serious love and dedication for this dance form. More than half of Najia's troupe members became professional bellydancers with less than one year of rigorous training. Not all members decide to solo freelance but enjoy the camaraderie of the group and find troupe classes the one most rewarding experience of their lives.

Najia ‘s troupe members
Ewelina, Jenaya, and Danielle
performing at Casablanca at
Najia’s Annual Spring Hafla.

Najia and members of her dance company, “1001 Dreams” were selected in a nationwide search to be featured on the new television show, “Splurge” that will air in the Fall of 2007. After extensive casting interviews with Najia’s students, Jenny Di Donato and Shalimar were selected to be featured because of the wonderful way their bellydance. “Splurge” had enriched their lives. Troupe members Danielle, Ewelina, Michelle and Laura were also belly dancing on the show.

Ewelina, Jenny, and
Shalimar with Bill
Kousouris of “Animus”.

You never know how a class can affect your life! Our bellydance episode of “Splurge” will air this fall on Fine Living Network and HGTV. You may see preview video clips of these dancers in action as well as more photos from the show by signing up for our monthly newsletter or call Najia at 484-632-0724.

Jenny and Najia’s
candle lesson.

Jenny, from Media, decided to take class with Najia less than three years ago. She was hooked immediately and took up to four classes a week at times. Always shy and withdrawn, Jenny gained confidence from Najia’s lessons and applied it to all aspects of her life. Now she works full time, has returned to school to pursue a nursing degree and dances professionally. Learning to bellydance with Najia has shown her that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Shelley hams it up
for the camera crew.

Shalimar, a Havertown PA resident and logistics analyst took her first class with Najia several years ago. Since then, she has experienced dramatic improvements in her body posture and flexibility. Shalimars love of dance has inspired her to design and create original bellydance costumes.


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